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After looking through the Knowledge Base, I still do not know how to fix my product(s). What should I do?
You can visit our Customer Support page and call or email our Customer Service department and we will help you to troubleshoot the issue you are having. Please have the following information ready to
How do I clean my dispenser?
Instructions for cleaning dispenser: Before opening the dispenser, allow remaining pressure to escape by pressing the lever. Unscrew the head and remove head seal and tip. Hold end of valve inside
How do I use my dispenser?
Instructions for use: When using your dispenser for the first time, or if you have not used it for awhile, rinse the bottle first with warm water, then with cold water before filling it with cream. Fi
How long can I leave a mixture in my dispenser?
The contents in your dispenser will stay fresh up to 14 days in the refrigerator. NOTE: For best results, serve immediately upon dispensing.
Is my dispenser suitable for hot preparations?
Only stainless steel dispensers with a blue silicone ring are suitable for hot preparations.
Is my product compatible with other parts from different companies?
In order to assure the proper functioning of your product, only use original Whip-It! parts. Never combine parts with other manufacturers' products. Do not attempt to make any modifications to the pro
My dispenser is not dispensing anything, what do I do to get my dispenser to dispense contents?
If the contents in the dispenser formed into a solid during cooling then you can leave the dispenser at room temperature for 5-10 minutes, or place the dispenser under hot water until you are able to
My product still falls under warranty, how do I go about getting it repaired?
Please visit our Customer Support page and call or email our Customer Service department so we can assist you with repairing or replacing your product in accordance with our warranty.
The contents in my dispenser have become runny. What can I do to make it into a solid?
Shake your dispenser 4-5 times. Do not shake for too long because it may cause the contents to become too stiff.
What do I do if a piece is missing from my product?
Check to see if the bottom of the product's box contains additional pieces. If you still cannot locate an item, please visit our Customer Support page and call or email our Customer Service department
What do I do if my dispenser is releasing pressure?
Make sure that the the decorative tip of the dispenser is screwed on properly before using cream chargers. C heck to see if the head is inserted correctly, not damaged, and thoroughly cleaned. Inspec
What do I do if the head of my dispenser is pressurized and I cannot remove it?
You want to release the gas from the dispenser by placing the dispenser with its head upwards, holding a towel over the tip, and activating the lever. Once that is done you can remove the head from t
Why can I not empty the contents out of my dispenser?
You may have shaken the cream too long which may have caused it to become too stiff. You were using non-fat cream. For optimal results, use cream with a fat content of 32-36%. You were not operating